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Your Life. Organized and Connected.

Experiences Optimized.

Social Redefined.



It’s the experiences along the way that count. And the people they are shared with. Not the number of “likes.” That’s meaningful social.


Travel. Events. Activities. Content. Organizing and sharing the best of it is easy with Journey Lane.


A lifetime of experiences in one app.

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…The communication channels were an excellent tool for connecting one on one with members as well as sending out group wide messages. It was great not to flip between multiple platforms and email and offered us a lot of comfort to know we could do everything we needed in a singular place.

Cindy Sharp

Girl Guides - Leader and Administrative Community Leader
Journey Lane is super easy to use.  I love having everything I need to manage my team at my finger tips.  It’s great seeing all the photos from our events   Journey Lane is perfect for capturing those memories.

Jenn Stelmach

Team Manager - Milton Mets Peewee AAA Baseball