Journey Lane | Journey Lane - Where your Experiences Live!
Journey Lane is an Experience Management Platform for organized groups and individuals. Plan, capture and remember the best moments of your life!
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Keep your members involved and informed.

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There are meetings, events, and maybe even far-off travel. Journey Lane’s Calendar organizes from the ground up, allowing activity detail and media content to fill your Journey and Event Experiences.



Streamline your communications with Journey Lane’s built-in Channel and Social features.  Chat with individuals 1-1 or to your group as a whole. With Journey Lane’s Group Channel, members can interact with each other and contribute thoughts, ideas and content in the way that they want, keeping them connected, valued and engaged.



Journey Lane isn’t about likes. It is about building real relationships – the face-to-face ones. It is social, but privately social. It is about sharing experiences and building memories with the people that you actually shared the experiences with.



Your members don’t need another app, and especially one just for your group. Journey Lane allows to them to manage all of their life’s activities in a single place. And when they do move on from your group, their experiences will stay with them forever. All memories in one place!


With Journey Lane you get the functionality of a tailored app, but with the flexibility of a universal solution. Versatile elements keep the calendar organized and everyone in the know.

View all Experiences and Calendar Entries from your favorite calendar software (Outlook, Google, Apple and many others).


Journey Lane manages all your activities. Invite and communicate with participants, capture important activity detail, collaborate, interact and share memories.


With Journey Lane, creating an event is seamless, no matter how involved it is. Event participants can add their own public or private content, such as photos, documents, individual travel details, and social board posts. Journey Lane captures it all.


Journeys are complex, and even more so for groups. With Journey Lane, you can manage every planned or spontaneous moment.

Have a look…

A rich, image-oriented interface to capture the essence of your experiences.

The Elements of Journey Lane


Keep track of all the scheduled bits and pieces of your Journeys and Events with your personal Journey Lane calendar.


Invite those that you want to plan and share the best of your life experiences with.


Use the Board to share photos, ideas, and links, with or without commenting.


Communicate privately one-on-one with a fellow member or with the entire group.


Store your Group’s photos in individual Experience albums or create customized albums.


Our highly customizable and flexible lists will make sure your group is well organized.


Track costs associated with your group Experiences and share with those that need to know.


Share documents with your group in relation to the group or a specific Experience.


Add any type of activity including ones that require going off the beaten path.


Maintain all the key details of your accommodations.

Food and Drink

Capture the heart and soul of your culinary experiences and share them with others if you wish.


Get a handle on all aspects of your journeys, including transportation, whatever the mode.
Memories Are More Than Just Photos
Journey Lane wraps context around your photographs to give you a full view of your experiences. Stay organized while Journey Lane’s timeline brings your Journeys and Events to life.

Download our mobile version

On the go…
Journey Lane
for mobile

We designed our product for the mobile web.   Easily and quickly find event details and record memories while you are away from home.


It brings people together in a meaningful way, inviting friends and family to make memories with them and not just show them afterward. Your life isn’t a commodity. It isn’t about how many connections you have, but how rich the ones that you have are. Experience Media is a single place to plan, organize and capture the heart and soul of life’s experiences, and preserve them to be enjoyed over and over again.


A Lifetime of Experiences.  Perfectly Planned and Perfectly Preserved.


Integrated Calendar


Individuals or Groups


Built-in Messaging


Save your Experiences


Contol your Content