Journey Lane | FAQs
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Some answers to the most common questions we get asked.
Do I have to book through Journey Lane to use it?

Not at all. You won’t get any pesky booking requests from us. In fact, we are not a booking engine. We are so much more. Book with whomever you wish, and then preserve it all in Journey Lane.

What is Journey Lane?

It is often said that life is a journey. We say that life is a myriad of journeys, both big and small. Journey Lane is a platform designed to help you plan and organize all those important moments, whether they stand alone or are part of something bigger. Then it captures the heart and soul of them so they can be preserved forever.

Journey Lane is uniquely built around time – activities, events, and journeys, both for individuals and groups. Each can function independently or can be organized in combination. It can be as simple as creating a “dinner party” event and inviting your friends or as complex as inviting a large group on a vacation. You can create personalized properties such as “My Cottage,” where you can invite your friends and share your experiences with them while also keeping those visits distinct from your time there with others. You can build a living record of your vacation property and of all of the amazing memories you make there. More complex – no problem. Create a journey and invite a group of your friends. There will be shared experiences and solo experiences. Perhaps some will shop and others will go parasailing. No problem. You can add your personal (and private) travel logistics and additional activities (and costs) yourself. Journey Lane allows you to share the group parts and keep the private parts private.

Another thing that makes us great – Journey Lane is an enclosed and collaborative environment, meaning your experiences won’t be shared with the world. If you want them to be, by all means use Facebook or Instagram. Our goal is quite the opposite. We’ve created an intimate environment that puts the “personal” back in “personal experience.” Share with those you are actually travelling with or partying with or dining with, not your neighbour’s brother’s friend whom you have actually never met.

Will Journey Lane allow me to reduce the number of applications I currently rely on for organizing and planning?

Definitely. Journey Lane is unparalleled in its level of individual and group planning. You will no longer need single purpose applications to plan, manage, and collaborate on for your experiences. You can share that information in a private and secure manner, communicate in real time in the context of an event or journey, manage invitations and costs … and the list goes on! With Journey Lane, you get a Journey Planner, Event Planner, Team Organizer, Group Organizer, Personal Journal, and Photo Gallery All-In-One!

Can I use Journey Lane for more than just travel?

Absolutely. Journey Lane is designed to plan, organize and remember all the important moments in your life, whether a vacation, a dinner out, a birthday party, etc. We even allow you to record your private thoughts in a daily journal. With Journey Lane, you will never worry about remembering those important details in the future.

How private is Journey Lane?

Very private. You are in full control your content. It is yours after all. Within Journey Lane, you decide whom you will share your content with. You are able to preserve your private memories in context of your experiences and share them with those you want to share them with. Nobody will see your profile/content that isn’t a Connection, and nobody will be able to scour the internet for your profile or photos of you that have been posted (unless of course you have posted them externally to other social media sites). And if you delete your content or your account, it is gone forever. For us, delete actually means delete!

How much does Journey Lane cost?

You can use Journey Lane for free. The base subscription is available at no cost. Certain advanced functionality such as costing and groups comes with the paid subscription, which is $35.95 per year for Premium level (and no, we don’t auto-renew!). Additional functionality is available in the Platinum level for $74.95 per year. Both have monthly options.

What happens if I delete my content or my account?

You are in full control of your content.  We do our best to make it as easy as possible to delete specific content or your full account, and as well to change permissions.

Does Journey Lane have Facebook integration?

No, Journey Lane does not have Facebook integration.  Journey Lane and Facebook are built upon fundamentally different foundations.  Journey Lane is a solution designed to plan, organize and remember journeys and events, and to share content with those you are actually making memories with.  Journey Lane users can share their photos with Facebook, but they would need to do it directly.

What happens if I change my mind after deleting my account?

Because you share experiences with others and because we strive to maintain the integrity of our users’ shared content, you cannot delete your account without first changing ownership of Journeys, Events, and Activities that have already occurred. You can manually delete content that is entirely yours, for example photos that you have uploaded to shared Journey or Event albums or personal albums, and if you manually do so, that content is permanently deleted immediately. If you don’t manually delete photos that you have uploaded into shared Journey and Event albums, they will remain after you delete your account. Photos in Assorted/Personal albums and Journal entries will be deleted when your account is deleted. Your account will remain active for three days after you delete it, should you change your mind.

What happens to my data if I revert from Premium version to the Free version?

If you go from Premium version to Free version, you will lose functionality. Data associated with that now-hidden functionality will remain in the system as long as your account is not deleted or you don’t manually delete it. Should you return to the Premium version, you data will be visible to you once again.

Is there a minimum age to use Journey Lane?

Yes, you must be 13 years of age or older, unless otherwise directed by local law, to use Journey Lane.