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Journey Lane is an Experience Management Platform for organized groups and individuals. Plan, capture and remember the best moments of your life!
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Your Life Experience Manager


Journeys are complex. You go somewhere, perhaps many places. A tour of Paris? A trek up Machu Picchu? Road trip across Canada? You arrive by air, ground, or sea. You stay at a hotel, on a cruise ship, or in a campground in the mountains. Now what do you do when you get there? The possibilities are endless!
Using Journey Lane, you can manage every planned or spontaneous moment, whether you are travelling alone or in a group.


Activities are more than entries on a calendar. Whether snorkeling on a beach during a vacation in Akumal Bay or attending a rehearsal before the wedding, Journey Lane manages all the activities within your Journeys and Events, allowing you to invite and communicate with participants, capture activity detail and costing, and share photos. And with Google Places integration, directions are a snap.


Our lives are eventful. The time we spend with others can be as simple as lunch with a friend or as complex as an activity-filled wedding that spans multiple days. Both are worth remembering.
With Journey Lane, creating an event is seamless, no matter how involved it is. And event particIpants can continue to add their own personal and private details. Photos, venue details, connections, thoughts; Journey Lane captures it all.


Just how beautiful was that sunset on the Tahitian horizon or the Northern Lights as they danced in the Norwegian sky? What did you think of The Great Wall of China as you climbed its never-ending steps? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is worth far more if they are your own words.
So whether you are gathering your thoughts for your eyes only or for your family’s eyes years down the road, Journey Lane’s Journal allows you to capture them all.

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Life is Full of Great Experiences


These are just a few that Journey Lane is designed for…

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Group Activities

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Our Guiding Principles

Have a look…

A rich, image-oriented interface to capture the essence of your experiences.

The Elements of Journey Lane


Keep track of all the scheduled bits and pieces of your Journeys and Events with your personal Journey Lane calendar.


Invite those that you want to plan and share the best of your life experiences with.


Communicate in real-time with a member or group of members before, during and after your Journeys or Events.


Organize all sizes and types of groups and preserve those cherished memories with them.


Get a handle on all aspects of your journeys, including transportation, whatever the mode.


Store your Journey and Event photos in dedicated albums or create more specific theme-based or activity-based ones.


Maintain all the key details of your accommodations.

Food and Drink

Capture the heart and soul of your culinary experiences and share them with others if you wish.


Provide all the relevant details of your properties, whether they be income generating or simply a place to host family or friends.


Whether your cruise is your end destination or just a part of your journey, manage and remember all the details of your cruising experiences.


View the important highlights of your Journeys, Events, Groups and Properties on Journey Lane’s Dashboards.


Keep track of all those important documents, whether they be for Journeys or Events or for a Property.


Track the costs associated with your Journeys and Events, both for individuals and groups.


Create To Dos for yourself or assign them to others to ensure your Journeys and Events go off without a hitch.


Feeling inspired? Journey Lane’s Journal allows you to capture your thoughts and feelings in a private, time-based journal.
Memories Are More Than Just Photos
Journey Lane wraps context around your photographs to give you a full view of your experiences. Stay organized while Journey Lane’s timeline brings your Journeys and Events to life.

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On the go…
Journey Lane
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We designed our product for the mobile web.   Easily and quickly find event details and record memories while you are away from home.


It brings people together in a meaningful way, inviting friends and family to make memories with them and not just show them afterward. Your life isn’t a commodity. It isn’t about how many connections you have, but how rich the ones that you have are. Experience Media is a single place to plan, organize and capture the heart and soul of life’s experiences, and preserve them to be enjoyed over and over again.


A Lifetime of Experiences.  Perfectly Planned and Perfectly Preserved.


Integrated Calendar


Individuals or Groups


Built-in Messaging


Save your Experiences


Contol your Content



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